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Udruga za Francusko - Hrvatski razvoj

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Dobrodošli – Bienvenue

The ADFC Association for French – Croatian Development has been established with a view to improving, promoting and strengthening business links in the field of economy, culture and tourism between France and Croatia.

Early in 812 the first relations between France and Croatia were born, when Karlo Veliki joined most of the Croatian territories to his empire in Aachen. Throughout history and to date, France and Croatia have rich cultural and social exchanges.

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The Aim of the Association for the Development of Franco-Croate A.D.F.C.

The main task of the Association for French-Croatian Development ADFC is to promote contacts between France and Croatia, in economy, tourism, and in the Cultural Areas.
The Association provides assistance to companies in finding business partners between countries, analyzing the possibilities of economic co-operation and encouragement.
With the web site www.association-adfc.com, sending editions in Croatian and French by issuing printed and E-versions of the magazine and organizing meetings and fairs, the ADFC association wants to strengthen the bridge and cooperation between the states.
Particularly our goal is to connect young generations and to organize different school meetings and to be their partner in the projects.


Druženje Francuskih i Hrvatskih srednješkolaca 2018

Activities and work of the association

Connecting the two countries through different projects:

  • EVENT “INVESTIR EN CROATIE” – fair and conference in Strasbourg planned in March 2018
  • Opening the Showroom Croatia in Strasbourg find out more
  • Find out more about the opening of Showroom France in Croatia
  • Workshops – for travel agencies from France in January 2019
  • Trade Show of “Food Products” Show Through Shopping Centers and Plac French Manufacturers in Croatia and Croatian Manufacturers in France
  • Project of region – “culinary dishes”
  • Study trips and B2B business workshops:
    • Agroculture
      • “How do French the work”
      • Croatia’s Golden Treasures: Olive, Tartuf, Sol, Fish …
      • offer for investment in Croatian agriculture
    • Tourism
      • Training a French cadre for tourists traveling to Croatia
      • FAM – TRAVEL – Tourist Promotions and Lectures for Agencies
      • Offer for investment in Croatian tourism
    • Medicine
      • Offering cooperation – dental and special clinics in Croatia
      • Cooperation and Linking Tourism Sector to Exchange Student Practice “Summer Holidays”
      • Discovery Travel Organization that enables people with disabilities to discover other destinations, other sensations, other flavors, other smells in France and Croatia
      • Organizing a gala dinner in France and Croatia to help people suffering from rare diseases through funding for medical research associations in France and Croatia;
      • Organization of sports events for young people and women for humanitarian purposes
      • Support, consulting and networking of Croatian companies wishing to operate in France;
      • Support, consulting and networking with French companies wishing to do business in Croatia
      • Organizing a webinar for presentations: – investment, tourism, projects …

President of the Association for French – Croatian Development  ADFC

Christophe Poulmarch

The ADFC Association has been in existence for over a year now, and we have built business relations for Croatia and France for the most part. During this time we have already prepared two presentations of Croatia’s tourist beauties for directors and students in France. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region project presented in Split. Organized a project with partners ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE SPLIT and MFR – CFA LE TERRA sales of biscuits – a project that was from  a high school students.

Of course, the visit of French tourists to Croatia grows year after year.

All of them, visiting Croatia, are united – worth visiting  Croatia!